CrossFit Elements- Our CrossFit Elements program will prepare you for our  CrossFit classes at CrossFit Fusion. This program is designed for everyone, regardless of your fitness

You will be guided through the basics of CrossFit movements and you will be taught the philosophy behind CrossFit. That said, expect to see your fitness increases as you progress and become more comfortable with the training.

Those with more advanced athletic backgrounds will also benefit from the program due to the technical nature of many of the movements. As well, this program is scalable based on each and every athlete and their level.


Getting Started

The Elements program is the first month for  all newbies to CrossFit.  This includes three element sessions followed by three weeks of unlimited classes upon completion of the three sessions.

After completion of the three sessions you are ready to start the CrossFit classes and choose any class time that works for you

You may purchase the elements program  by  email informing CrossFit Fusion of the start date and the time you choose( either morning or night program.)  You may also call Patty at 631-813-5358 to reserve your spot

To get started in CrossFit Elements the Schedule is as follows:

  • Session 1
  • Monday 8:15 pm or Tuesday 10:30 am

  • Session 2
  • Wednesday 8:15 pm or Thursday 10:30 am

  • Session 3
  • Saturday at 10 am